While my personal and professional experiences have given me the opportunities to develop a wide variety of skills, there are a few important competencies in which I have gained–and demonstrated–a deep proficiency.

Online Marketing


Professional Training

Online Marketing

I have a full toolkit to provide clients with effective online marketing that achieves real-world results.

I Use Social Media Marketing To:

  • Build a strong overall social presence, giving clients an engaged audience that values a business as much as a business values its customers.
  • Create fun, innovative, and effective social media campaigns precisely built to achieve well defined, real-world objectives.

With Search Engine Marketing, I:

  • Work to find the real-world goals the client needs to achieve.
  • Perform detailed industry, consumer, and keyword research to use search engines most effectively.
  • Use that research to write ads that gets results.
  • Create ad-specific landing pages to maximize conversions and value.
  • Use detailed analytics to maximize results and value.

With Full Online Marketing Capabilities:

  • I have full web development capabilities.
  • I spend time every day keeping up with the latest research and case studies on customers, technology, and how to get the most out of both.



In nearly everything I become a part of, I find myself placed in a leadership position.  I believe there is one major reason for this:  As a leader, I consistently deliver positive results.

Examples of this are plentiful. As a U.S. Marine, I was regularly placed in leadership positions over those with greater seniority, often assuming responsibilities far beyond those normally trusted to those at my level.  As a Manager at Wild Mountain and Taylors Falls Recreation, I run a small business, and manage two departments in a second business.  I have led my areas of responsibility through challenges as varied as floods, State shutdowns, and rapidly-changing emerging markets.  I believe my teams and their performance have come out stronger through all of them.  No matter the challenge, I get the job done.

I do not believe that simply getting the job done is enough, though.  That is why I consistently seek and am given additional responsibilities.  While serving as a leader, I have delivered on difficult secondary duties such as:

  • Training team members and outside partners
  • Acting as the unit Armorer
  • Developing and executing promotional events
  • Helping to guide the company as the Freestyle Terrain market re-shapes the Snowsports Industry
  • Re-designing the company’s Team Member review process
  • Becoming a part of how the company uses Social Media outlets to reach our customers.


Professional Training

“You’re always training” was an oft-repeated fact my boss kept in the front of my mind as I was in a supervisory role for the first time in my professional life.  I found that fact to be very true, and have worked hard throughout my career to develop my ability to help others grow.

I have a wide variety of experience training others in a professional capacity.  Whether leading the 80+ employees I manage at Wild Mountain & Taylors Falls Recreation to achieve terrific results, or overcoming large language and cultural barriers to train our nation’s foreign partners in complex stability and support peacekeeping operations, I perform at the highest levels.

During my time in the United States Marine Corps, I was consistently assigned some of the toughest training missions imaginable.  Whether teaching convoy security to Marines in the U.S., riot-control techniques to police in Ukraine, Customs Procedures to troops and civilians in Iraq, or Stability and Support Peacekeeping Operations in Morocco and Uganda to troops from 6 African nations, I was able to effectively engage my audience, then clearly explain the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the complex, life-or-death ideas and procedures I was tasked with communicating.

In a management review, the company’s General Manager stated my department had “the best Guest Service of any department in my [12 year] tenure, period.” These results come partly from my comprehensive view of training my employees.  I believe that training starts with the employment interview, and never ends.  I have developed engaging and informative formal training sessions that provide all my employees with the same foundation upon which to further build their skills.  I then follow up on that foundation by identifying each of my employees’ areas of improvement, allowing me to work with them informally in small groups or as individuals to help them grow their abilities in those competencies.  I also developed an innovative, self-guided training program that employees can pursue independently.  This helps employees use their own experiences on the job to digest and contextualize the advanced lessons I want them to learn, then encourages them to develop specific ways to implement those lessons in their daily work.  By design, it is driven by their own intrinsic motivation, but is also linked to real rewards in the workplace.  I then took that training program and made it available to my employees on their own time through their social media networks.  The sum of these training efforts is the highly successful results my General Manager spoke of.



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