Certificate of Commendation–U.S. Marine Corps

December 15, 2004

“For superior academic achievement while a student in Military Police Basic Course 02-05, Marine Corps Detachment, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri during the period of 17 October through 15 December 2004.  Displaying exceptional academic abilities, superior conduct, and diligent attention to duty, your performance both in and outside of the classroom has resulted in your selection as the “Distinguished Honor Graduate” of Military Police Basic Course 02-05.  You are commended for your academic and leadership achievements while undergoing this intense and demanding program of instruction.  You have gained the highest respect of both your instructors and peers.  Your outstanding initiative, perseverance and determination reflect great credit upon yourself and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Unites States Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”


Dean’s List–University of Minnesota

Fall 2005


Certificate of Commendation–U.S. Marine Corps

October 18, 2008

“Outstanding achievement in the performance of his duties while serving as Fire Team Leader and Platoon Armory Custodian, Second Platoon, Military Police Alpha Company, Task Force Military Police (3/10), I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) from March 2008 to October 2008 in support of operation Iraqi Freedom FY-08.  During this period, Corporal Grote consistently performed his duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner.  His leadership skills were instrumental to the Platoon’s efforts in ensuring success for all operations.  Corporal Grote not only performed admirably as a Fire Team Leader, but he also served as Second Platoon’s Armory Custodian.  While serving in this capacity he ensured the Platoon was adequately supplied of ammunition for all operations and training ranges and the weapons immaculately maintained.  Corporal Grote’s outstanding motivation and dedication to duty reflected credit upon him and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps.


Certificate of Commendation–U.S. Marine Corps

November 01, 2009

“Superior performance as in instructor, Marine Forces, Task Force Kitgum, Combined Joint Task Force Lion, US Army Africa, Africa Command in support of Exercise Natural fire 10 from 12-29 October 2009.  During this period, Corporal Grote maintained the highest level of professionalism and tact as an instructor for the Entry Control Point (ECP) and Vehicle Check Point training evolution.  Corporal Grote served as the primary ECP instructor for over (372) soldiers and Marines from five East African Community (EAC) nations and the United States.  He worked hand-in-hand with other EAC and US instructors and demonstrated both technical and tactical proficiency while overcoming significant language and cultural barriers.  Corporal Grote’s unsurpassed professionalism and devotion to duty reflected great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and United States Naval Service.


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