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22 Nov

Well, I just finished a Search Engine Optimization job for Earthwarm Inc. Geothermal Systems. This was a good company with a good product and service, and even had a website, but it did not show up on any search results for industry keywords unless the search actually included the name of the company. Of course, most undecided customers don’t go to Google already searching for names of companies, they search for keywords, and “shoppers” often include a geographic element like the name of the city they live in. Earthwarm Inc. now shows up as the number 1 “local” result when you search for “geothermal” and their hometown of Chisago City, MN. It also has the first 8 of 10 spots in the normal “organic” results! (And one of the other two is the company’s supplier’s “Dealers” page, so I could even count that I suppose.)

The beautiful thing about how I do things though, is that Earthwarm now also shows up in keyword searches for cities in the surrounding area, not just in the hometown. In fact, Earthwarm is in the top 5 results for 10 surrounding cities (and the top 3 for 9 of those)! Here’s an example.

This is why I love providing this service. Why pay good money to build and host a website if people can’t find it, when this costs peanuts compared to the cost of your website or the yellow pages? If you find yourself in the same boat, contact me to find out how easy and inexpensive results like this can be.

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